Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ticket sales are closed!

And we sold.... 116 tickets.

For the record, that is more than the number of people I would expect at my own wedding.  Holy crap.  I figured we'd have maybe 40 RSVPs, 20 people show.

So.  I hope wherever he is, Nick appreciates this party.  The hard part will be to not lose it, seeing his picture on the Jumbotron.  

Yeah, I know.  That's already a lost cause.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last call....

If you haven't ordered tickets yet for the game, please call Melissa at the Pirates at 412-325-4761 to order by FRIDAY. Unsold tickets will be released to the general public Monday morning, so it might not hurt to give her a ring if you just dropped your order in the mail this week! :)

You don't want to miss this amazing opportunity to see Nick's face on the Jumbotron at PNC Park. Or mine, I guess-- the Pirates will be recognizing Nick and having my parents & I down on the field.

Oof. That's a scary thought-- my face on a Jumbotron?!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

about the visit-all-30-MLB-stadiums thing...

I'm thinking of a tentative schedule for this season...

4/22/2012: PNC Park, Pittsburgh-- I could have started earlier, especially if I started with the O's here in Bmore.  But I'm starting at home, because it's home and because it should have been Nick's 30th birthday.

Weekend of 4/27: Oriole Park at Camden Yards (oof, that's a mouthful of a name), Baltimore-- well, duh, I do live in Baltimore now, so I might as well knock it out early on.  Especially because I've gone to an O's game in high summer before-- and NEVER AGAIN.  OW, those seats were SO hot after baking in 106 degree heat.

Weekend of May 19: Nationals Park-- because DC is also, you know, right in my back yard.  Well, kinda.  Like 40-odd miles from my backyard, but still much closer than LA.

Weekend of June 23: Citizens Bank Park-- the next closest would probably be Philly.  Doable as a day trip if a day game.

Weekend of July 21: Citi Field-- I think it's doable as a day trip for a Sunday day game

August: TBD  Either Yankee Stadium (doable as a day trip if I can get Sunday day tickets) or Fenway (definitely will require at least an overnight stay) or Progressive (aka Cleveland, also requires an overnight stay).

September: Possibly Cleveland if it I don't go in August.

Friday, March 16, 2012

We miss you, Nick

Today marks a year since we lost Nick.  I'll just quote from my other blog, because it's just as true today as it was a year ago.

I lost my brother today. My little brother. My little brother, my oldest friend, among my truest friends despite our propensity for bickering over the absolute stupidest, most trivial shit imaginable. I keep praying that this is some sort of fantastic nightmare brought on by deep psychosis. I'm thoroughly drunk as I type, so it's not outside the realm of possibility.

This isn't supposed to happen. He's the one that's supposed to be spare parts for me (since he's younger and all), the one that's actually going to settle down and marry a nice girl and give my parents all the grandchildren they want (so that the pressure's off me), the dude who has gamely offered to beat up every guy who's ever broken my heart despite his personal feelings, the guy who helps me change my oil and is my culinary guinea pig, to whom I still owe banana bread. The guy who picked up a 40lb bag of manure and accidentally sprayed it in a perfect arch over my feet. Who cried on Santa's lap as kid, made a scene waving at us from the altar the first time he served as an altar boy, adored his cats and dogs, gave me shit nonstop about the Steelers and Pens, took shit nonstop about Brett Favre and the Pirates. The guy who's at the heart of my best stories, like when he was run over by the Pirate Parrot on a quad.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Teeshirts and tickets, oh my!

Check it out-- my shirt came in.  I think it's appropriately metal for my brother.

But I have more news!!  You can order your own tickets for Nick's 30th birthday party at the Pirates game on April 22nd!  I'm still trying to see what exactly the blood bank would like to do with us, but in the mean time, I have reserved a very large number of tickets-- and you can order them directly from the Pirates.  Just follow the directions on the .pdf form at this link.

Ballparks left to visit: 25