Saturday, May 12, 2012

Made it! Kinda...

Tickets bought, at least?

Tonight: Stop #2

Things on the other side of my life have been a bit hectic (new job, that sort of thing), but today's the day for Stadium #2 of 30- Oriole Park at Camden Yards. That's a long, oddly formal name for a ballpark, and for a ballpark in Baltimore. I mean, it's so much like Pittsburgh here, something I can't no matter how bitter the rivalry is between the two. Even the accents are similar. True, Pittsburgh's got the high fairly new glossy veneer of medical & tech industry while Baltimore is decidedly lacking in what one person called "Midwest nice" (and let's face it, drivers here are terrible- my car has been dinged so many times, no matter where I park). But Baltimore is like Pittsburgh's rough and tumble cousin, enough commonalities that you know they were cut from the same cloth.

Tonight's game won't have anywhere near the level of emotion as our Pirates game, but I think it'll still be pretty tough. No group, no recognition on the scoreboard, just going to a baseball game, like normal people. Like Nick. Like the last time I went to an O's game- with Nick. Mercifully, it shouldn't be 106 today like it was then, but still... just like a few weeks ago, there's some part of me that will feel fundamentally wrong going to a game without my brother.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Batter up?

I am not arranging group tickets, but should anyone else care to come along, the next stop in this little endeavor is here in Baltimore on Saturday, May 12.  I'm actually just buying tickets that day, so I can get the actual stubs a la Nick's preference.

I took it as a sign when I saw that it's "Boy Scout Night," because 1. Nick was an Eagle Scout, and 2. when I took Nick to see the O's,  it was 106 freaking degrees (I am not exaggerating) and it was... Boy Scout Night.   So, yeah.  Seems appropriate enough, no?  Let's just hope that the weather doesn't repeat.

So.  Let's see if I can get through this one without choking up too much.  I mean, it was a pretty hilarious time the last time I was there.

Ballparks left to visit: 25