Monday, July 23, 2012

Now batting fifth, the New York Yankees

It's a little hectic in my life right now.  Weekend before last, I was in Pittsburgh.  This weekend, we had Baltimore (and Batman) business, with a day trip to Philadelphia.  This coming weekend, we're doing a quick trip to Rhode Island on the super cheap.  And two weekends after that, we're in Pittsburgh (well, Butler) for the Bantam Jeep Festival.

Which meant that, when looking at the calendar, our window for squeezing in a New York game-- either Mets or Yankees-- was closing fast.  So I ordered Yankees tickets for August 4th today.  Less than two weeks away from what's arguably the second most important stop after PNC Park in terms of Nick's baseball fandom.

And I just ordered Mets tickets for September 22.  I think that'll be the last game of the season, and officially put me at 1/5th of the way through... of course, that was the easiest 1/5th because it's literally the 6 closest teams, all but Pittsburgh doable as a day trip.  The remaining 24 teams are going to require a lot more planning, a lot more coordination, a lot more vacation time, and frankly, a lot more money with travel and hotel on top of tickets.  Using Megabus could help with the midwest swing, but I still need to start saving and budgeting for airfare and the like for next year.  Years.

Ugh.  Time to start evaluating hostels and similar options for travelling on the cheap.

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  1. Take the rear seats out of Jeepers and BAM! You've got a camper :)


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