Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ticket sales are closed!

And we sold.... 116 tickets.

For the record, that is more than the number of people I would expect at my own wedding.  Holy crap.  I figured we'd have maybe 40 RSVPs, 20 people show.

So.  I hope wherever he is, Nick appreciates this party.  The hard part will be to not lose it, seeing his picture on the Jumbotron.  

Yeah, I know.  That's already a lost cause.


  1. What's the news on the Blood Drive? I am permanently deferred so I am trying to convince as many people as I can to come and donate.

  2. The dates couldn't work out to tie it in with Nick's birthday, but there will be a Pirates-sponsored drive on April 30-May 1. I can't come for it (it's a Monday & Tuesday), but I can pass along the name of the person I've been talking to if anyone would like to volunteer.


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