Monday, April 23, 2012

One down, 29 to go

We did it.  It was chilly and drizzly, and not everyone could make it (or tough it out the whole time), but we did it.  More pictures are forthcoming, but here are the boys across the river from the park.  Aww.

I can't write this as a full blown ballpark review a la Ballpark Chasers because frankly, it was an incredibly emotional day and I was having a hard time just talking, let alone do anything else yesterday.  But PNC Park was as usual a wonderful place to see a game, even if the Buccos did lose 5-1 to the Cards.  Even better, almost all attendees signed a book put together by my mom with memories of my brother and well wishes for this silly little endeavor of mine.

29 to go.  Camden Yards-- I'm sorry, Oriole Park at Camden Yards-- is next.

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  1. June 15-17 the Pirates are in Cleveland. I'll show you around my former town if you want to go. :)


Ballparks left to visit: 25